Lest I should forget...

The purpose of this is to update with current projects of mine but I started looking through some old photos and got a little nostalgic. . . . . .  a nostalgia I am now forcing on you.....

A lunchtime phone call and an overnight root in the costume cupboard I pieced together this ensemble for a "dark Alice in Wonderland" look. For a last minute music video which is still in editing. I hope I get to see it soon because it looked as though the finished product will be really beautiful.
Alongside a fan detail corset I happened to finish a few days prior and bits from past productions I was pleased with the final look.

It would make me a very happy Madame to have an excuse to make another 1770's dress. Especially as that was the first one I ever made, now I feel I could do a much better job. I'd feel a little over-dressed in Lidl. Doing it again I would buy a lot less fabric for it. I may have over estimated how much I needed, although the silver lining was a whole costume for Stoker.
 More photos of "Stoker" can be seen on the costume section of the website, www.cakeface.ie

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